Forum organisation structure


Executive Committee

Forum Executive Committee 

The committee managed by Advantix (professional events and communication agency based in London and Moscow) takes overall responsibility for managing all organisational aspects of the forum from venue outsourcing to event marketing and day to day running.

Key contacts in London:

T: +44 (0) 207 5209341 F: +44 (0) 207 5209342

Advantix Ltd
7-10 Adam Street
The Strand
United Kingdom

Speaker and sponsor enquires

Arthur Poliakov
E: Arthur.P@

Delegate and exhibitor enquiries

Irina Yukhtlna
E: Ira.Y@

Media partnership enquires

Borka Mikulic
E: Borka.M@

Key contact in Moscow:

T/F: +7 495 249 49 03

JSC Gorny Forum (MINEX)
Moscow, Kalanchevskaya str., 16,
floor 4, ‘Delovoy’ office-center

Natallya Tarasova
E:  moscow@

Technical Committee

Forum Technical Committee

Technical Committee contributes to the overall development of the forum’s agenda. Committee chairman and members, elected every two years, are prominent members of the Russian and International Mining communities. Their combined knowledge and practical experiences in literally all aspects of mineral exploration, mining and investment help MINEX forum to maintain professional focus on the cutting edge issues and to address hard questions.

Committee chair person:

David Pearce, General Director, SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd.

T: +7-495-692-0095; +7-495-692-0037
E: dpearce@

 Awards Committee

Russian Mining Excellence Award nomination committee

The main role of the committee is to ensure independent and fair award nomination process and high professional standing of the “Russian Excellence Award”. The committee confirms award categories, defines awards criteria, selects award nominees, considers voting results, confirms award winners and presents the awards. The Members of the Committee are selected every two years. The Committee members have high professional standing and extensive experience in Russia’s mining and exploration.

Committee chair person:

Alexei Smirnov

PwC 1 Partner, Tax & Legal Services,  1 Energy, Utilities and   Mining

T: +7 (495) 967-6252 F: +7 (495) 967-6001

E: alexei.smirnov@

The list of the Russian Mining Excellence Award committee members 2013:


  1. Alexei Smirnov, PwC
  1. Arthur Poliakov, MINEX
  1. Roman Schetinsky, GV Gold\ JSC “Vysochaishy”
  1. Alexander Lopatnikov, American Appraisal
  1. Tatiana Linde, GKZ
  1. Mikhail Leskov, Interminerals
  1. Denis Alexandrov, Auriant Mining
  1. Andrey Melnikov, SRK Consulting
  1. Tatiana Rovenskaya, VTB Capital
  1. Vadim Petrov, Moscow State Mining University
  1. Dmitry Zheldakov, NAEN
  1. Sergey Khinkis, Sberbank


For further information please contact MINEX Russia Organising Committee:

Ms Natalia Tarasova


Tel.: + 7 (495) 249 49 03\+7 (915) 482 9 284

 Competitions Committee

National Competitions Committee

The “Miners and Mines of Russia” photo competition and  “From Idea to Innovation” Competition are organised and managed by the Forum Executive Committee.

Key contact in Moscow:

T/F: +7 495 249 49 03

JSC Gorny Forum (MINEX)
Moscow, Kalanchevskaya str., 16,
floor 4, ‘Delovoy’ office-center

Natallya Tarasova
E:  moscow@